Hi! I’m Santi, most likely you’re here because you’re my student or because someone has referred me to you. I’m writing my first book called The 12 Roles; This book is the result of a combined 15 years of experince in the Business, Start-Ups and Education sectors in Australia, China, Latin America and the U.S. My research found that a vast majority of my business students do not prosper in business, careers and life because they are not making the right choices at the right moment. This book will serve as a guideline for you to find out who you really are, what is your role in life and what are the best careers or business ventures for someone like you.  I invite you to read through each one the tiers below, yes! they are 12 tiers and each one represents a chapter of my book. A donation of 100$ will help me tremendously to finance this book and in exchange, I will help help you to achieve your business and career’s goal. Please carefully read the tiers and subscribe to the one more aligned to who you think you are. Thanks, Santi